New Realistic Pokémon Designs by Arvalis

Pokémon is one of the most popular video games franchises of all time. The series has collectively sold more than 270 million units worldwide, only outdone by the Mario series. As the years have passed, hundreds of Pokémon have been added to the cast of quirky creatures. There are now a total of 649 Pokémon, almost 500 more than when the games first launched in 1996.

The internet has always been a place of sharing fan art and Pokémon art is no exception. One artist stands above the rest in terms of quality and shock value.

RJ Palmer, known as Arvalis on Deviantart, has become an increasingly popular artist ever since he began drawing realistic renditions of Pokémon in his spare time.

Many of his renditions are based off of dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures. You can check out his incredibly detailed drawing below.

Arvalis also created two GIF renditions of other Pokémon which you can view on his Deviantart page here and here.

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New Realistic Pokémon Designs by Arvalis
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