Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Step Forward or Back?

It's that time of the year again for Samsung. They just held a press conference on August 13 to unveil the new Galaxy Edge S6 edge + and Galaxy Note 5, two phones which had been rumored for a while. Both of the devices are the most powerful cell phones Samsung has released yet.

I'm going to focus on the Note 5, because it's the one I'm going to purchase and because I predict not many people are going to buy the "edge."

People all over the internet are already complaining about the Note 5 because of the lack of removable back cover for changing the battery pack on the go and lack of micro SD card slot. This is a legitimate problem for some, who are referred to as "power users." These users carry around multiple cards and batteries with them, which brings into question the low end battery and 32/64GB options of built in storage for the Note 5. They claim that Samsung is abandoning the core user for the iPhone audience, which is understandable as Apple is dominating phone sales in the US.

What's the good news? The phone is beautiful. It's made out of glass and metal, the stylus pops out instead of the old sliding out feature. The phone now boasts 4 gigs of RAM and includes an improved fingerprint unlocking feature. There is live streaming from your phone, more features for the S-pen, and the front facing camera is now 5-megapixels (back camera is still a staggering 16-megapixels). I could go on. The point is, this is the most powerful phone you can buy. Sure, you sacrifice space and battery life, but you can do without that. Right? I know I can. I'll have to. I was perfectly happy with my Note 3, but Samsung won me over with the amazing Galaxy Note 5.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 launches on August 21st in the United States.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Step Forward or Back?
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