Korea's Poop Cafe

South Korea is looking to satisfy the craving you never knew you had: poop themed coffee and snacks (think scones). Poop Cafe's food doesn't actually taste like poop, which takes a huge load off of my mind. The shop doesn't really call attention to itself on the outside; the magic happens when you step inside.

Hot coffee is served in toilet-shaped mugs and snacks are shaped like cutesy poop caricatures. There are plenty of poop cartoons on the walls and you can even wear what appear to be poop hats. They also have a more normal rose drink that completely clashes with the theme of the establishment.

The shop embraces the cuter side of poop, rather than trying to gross out the customer too much, so if you love poop and cute things, this place is your dream come true.

Seoul Searching visited the shop and reported that the coffee is actually quite good despite the crappy appearance.

All pictures by Seoul Searching.

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Korea's Poop Cafe
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