Beer Made From Lobsters?!

Want to try out beer made with live lobsters? You might want to move to Portland, Maine, or at least visit (uprooting your life and reinventing yourself over quick beer or three might not be the best idea, but I'm not judging).  

Tim Adams is the man responsible for this seemingly genius concoction. He's a brewmaster who works at Oxbow Brewing in Portland and says that the only thing he adds to the brewing process is the lobster and a bit of sea salt. The alcoholic content in the lobster beer sits around 4.5%. He also makes sure to use the corpses of the lobsters as food so as not to waste anything.

What's next? Crab beer? Shark beer? Eel beer? Whale beer? Human beer? It's a slippery slope we're on.

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Beer Made From Lobsters?!
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