AntWorks Illuminated Gel Ant Farm Review

AntWorks ant farm with ants

The AntWorks ant farm by Fascinations uses a gel that ants can eat and dig through. The strange gel substance was developed by NASA in 2003 to determine if ants can tunnel in zero gravity.

I got the ant farm for my nephew who had his fifth birthday. In hindsight, it wasn’t the perfect birthday gift because timing the live ant delivery was a challenge. Despite the wait, the whole family loved the ant farm. Watching the ants tunnel and organize was mesmerizing. It would make a great random gift for anyone, adults included.

I ordered live ants from both companies suggested by the farm manufacturer but the first batch arrived mostly dead. We ended up using ants from Ants Alive. The second batch of ants arrived in a healthy state and were ready to start tunneling almost immediately. Your millage may very as weather conditions will play a part in how well the ants survive the US postal system. If you live outside North America, you can find local ants or try your local backyard variety.

AntWorks illuminated in the dark

We got the illuminated version as it can double as a night light and looks fantastic. The illuminated version is only a few dollars extra and the whole ant farm was about $25. We found the best price for the AntWorks farm at Amazon.

For some footage of the ants working away, check the video below.

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AntWorks Illuminated Gel Ant Farm Review
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