'Slide' Hoverboard from Lexus in Action

Things that were considered sci-fi just a few years ago are becoming commonplace in today's advanced world. Lexus, known for producing cars, has developed a working hoverboard which they have named "Slide."

Lexus has released a video showcasing the functionality of Slide in a skate park they built specifically for the hoverboard. The park was built in Spain and is the only current location where the board can be ridden. The board and park contain magnets that are necessary for the device to function. One huge drawback is that the user cannot steer Slide, but must travel along a predetermined path.

Slide is not currently available for sale, but seems to be more of a marketing move by Lexus. Whatever their intent, Lexus has undoubtedly helped push technology to another level. Maybe we'll see actual hoverboards for sale to the general consumer within the next ten years. Until then, we have this video to enjoy.

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'Slide' Hoverboard from Lexus in Action
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