Dozens of Crocodile Heads Found in Freezer

Some people keep popsicles or ice trays in their freezers; maybe a turkey around Thanksgiving time. Others decide to keep 70 crocodile heads in a freezer instead, for reasons.

The crocodile heads were found in Humpty Doo, Australia by teenagers who smelled something revolting nearby. The heads belonged to saltwater crocodiles, which are a protected species in parts of Australia.

A fine of $56,000 awaits anyone who kills just one of these animals. I don't really do math, but I'm guessing that 70 x $56,000 is a lot more than most people have in spare change. The lesson is, don't kill crocodiles, unless you're rich. Actually, just don't break the law. It's not really a good thing to do.

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Dozens of Crocodile Heads Found in Freezer
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