Napalm Shooting Flamethrower for Sale

The X15 Flamethrower, produced and sold by Xmatter, may cost $1,600, but is totally worth the price of admission. Now you can get rid of those spiders that have been terrorizing you for years. Sure, you may burn your house down and maybe even the neighborhood, but at least you'll send the devilish arachnids to spider hell.

The X15 is federally unregulated and legal to use in most states. Obviously check before buying one (assuming you have the money for one) so you don't waste your money and find out you can't use it. The website does say that the flamethrower is available in 48 states. One state you do need a permit in is California, so get that checked out if you're a Californian and hungry for shooting napalm at things (mostly spiders, I’m assuming).

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Napalm Shooting Flamethrower for Sale
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