Drone Designed to Carry People Unveiled at CES

Ehang, known for their app-controlled drones, has created a drone that is powerful enough to carry a single person across short distances. A compartment in the back is designed to carry luggage.

The drone, known as the Ehang 184 AAV (Autonomous Arial Vehicle), is built with safety as its first priority. The passenger doesn’t actually drive the vehicle, but instead inputs their destination into the Windows tablet plugged into the drone. The vehicle takes off after the destination is set.

The drone has four arms with two propellers each. It contains multiple motors so that it can land safely if one of them malfunctions. Features include air conditioning and access to a 4G network. The drone is currently not legal in the United States, so it may only launch in China for the time being.

Ehang has released a video detailing their journey to creating the Ehang 184 AAV. 

The drone is expected to launch later this year and is valued upwards of $300,000 per unit. 

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Drone Designed to Carry People Unveiled at CES
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