Photo of Potato Sold for $1 Million

Kevin Abosch

Kevin Abosch is known for charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to photograph anyone from famous actors, such as Johnny Depp, to CEOs such as Zach Sims. Abosch takes the subject and poses them in front of a black background in a simple composition. Some people pay Abosch up to $500k for a single portrait of themselves. Pretty good for several minutes of work.

One of the biggest moments of his career was back in 2015, when he sold a picture of a single potato for slightly more than $1 million. A man was visiting Abosch’s home when he came across the picture of the potato on the wall. He asked about it and Abosch immediately priced the photo at $1 million euros. The transaction was made on the spot without negotiation. The buyer must really like pictures of potatoes in front of black canvases.

“Potato #345 (2010)”

Abosch wasn’t always a photographer. He was actually a biologist before he discovered his “talent” and began networking. His website only has several samples of his work, probably because he sells based on his name alone. 

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Photo of Potato Sold for $1 Million
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