Shortest Man on Earth Passes Away

Chandra Bahadur Dangi, known as the shortest adult on the planet for several years, has passed away after complications with pneumonia at age 75. The Guinness World Record for "shortest man ever" was claimed by Dangi in 2012. His height was measured at 1 foot 9.5 inches and he weighed only 32 pounds.

Dangi attained celebrity status after he was "discovered" by Guiness World Records. He traveled to several locations around the world, including London in 2014, where he met Sultan Kosen, the tallest man on Earth.

The shortest woman on Earth, Jyoti Amge, also met Dangi back in 2012. You can watch their meeting below.

Dangi was born in Kalimati, Nepal, having lived there all his life until 2012, when Guinness World Records came into contact with him. Many, including Guiness World Records, have expressed their sadness at Dangi's passing.

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Shortest Man on Earth Passes Away
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