Seattle Man Shares Name with Taylor Swift

Dear Taylor Swift; which one though?

Imagine mistakenly receiving hundreds of fan letters addressed to a famous celebrity because you shared his/her name. What if you had to change your email address because your inbox was flooding with email from adoring fans? What about getting asked on a daily basis if your name really is “__________”?

The man himself.

For Taylor Swift, who lives in Seattle, Washington, these "what ifs" are stark reality. Swift is a professional photographer with several accomplishments of his own. He went to school at Brooke Institute of Photography in Los Angeles, California and was a speaker for TED talks in 2012. You can view more on his LinkedIn.

Despite the constant reminder of his shared name, Swift maintains a positive attitude. He told Fox 29 that "It's a great confidence booster," due to the amount of compliments he receives through letters and emails. Swift says that he likes to think the messages are meant for him. He says, of his name, that "There's way worse names to have."

The pop singer,Taylor Swift, released her fifth album, 1989, in 2014.

What else does Swift share with the mega pop star besides blond hair? Both their middle names begin with A. His middle name is Adam, while the singer's is Alison.

You can check out Swift's beautiful photography and handcrafted furniture on his website.

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Seattle Man Shares Name with Taylor Swift
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