Father Tattooed by 4-Year-Old Daughter

Brad "bob-tat" Bellomo, a tattoo artist from Florida, has come under fire for letting his 4-year-old daughter, Chloe, tattoo his arm.

Bonding moment for father and daughter. Strawberry tattoo by Chloe on the right.

Chloe gave her dad a tattoo of a strawberry, after the nickname she gave him. Bellomo told Huffington Post that "I thought that would be a good choice. Still kind of cute, and has a lot of meaning."

Despite his positive outlook on the situation, numerous people on Facebook have not looked kindly upon the situation. People flagged his post for inappropriate content to the point where he couldn't log into his Facebook profile.

Bellomo on the left, showcasing his tattoos.

Bellomo also said that, "It's been cool that so many people saw but now it's just backfiring. I just want to go back to doing business and running my shop."

What do you think? Should people quit being so condemning or do they have a valid point?

Bellomo runs his tattoo shop, 3rd Eye Tattoo, in Madeira Beach, Florida.

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Father Tattooed by 4-Year-Old Daughter
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