5 Weird Anime

Anime is known for being weird despite which series you decide to delve into. Even so, there are some anime that go above and beyond everyday weirdness in Japan.


Kill la Kill

I actually really enjoyed this anime, despite its over-the-top fan service and ridiculous plot. You kind of have to suspend disbelief when fighters are powered by clothing, with some characters being the strongest due to their skimpy uniforms.



Are you a fan of history? Then you'll love Hetalia. Each character represents a country, with their interactions mimicking world history. Still, it's over-cute style may be overbearing for the common viewer. This anime is known for its pairings, many of which are encouraged by the series itself.


Samurai Pizza Cats

Don't really need to say anything about this one. It's all in the name.


Assassination Classroom

The goal is to assassinate your teacher so that you can graduate. The other motivation for killing your teacher is that the Japanese government is offering $100 million to kill him. Sounds like a good deal. The problem? He's seemingly impossible to kill.



Soda cans turn into girls. Enough said.

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5 Weird Anime
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