Ugliest Man In Zimbabwe Deemed 'Too Handsome'

The finalists.

Pageants are typically held to determine the most beautiful among a group of women. Organizers in Zimbabwe, Africa decided to break the mold and hold an ugliness pageant to determine "Mister Ugly" among a group of men. Competition was fierce, but in the end, Mison Sere (42 years old) took home the metaphorical crown.

Things did not go as smoothly as judges hoped. William Masvinu, winner for three consecutive years, showed his displeasure at losing the glorious title. NBC reports that there was verbal and physical abuse against the judges for their decision to crown Sere as "Mister Ugly" this year and give him $500 for winning.

“Mister Ugly”

Sere commented on events that, "They [Masvinu's group] should just accept that I am uglier than them. I hope to get a TV contract. I already moved around schools performing and showcasing my ugliness so this is a chance to make it on TV."

Should other countries adopt similar pageants or do these events actually enhance the bias against supposed "ugly" people?

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Ugliest Man In Zimbabwe Deemed 'Too Handsome'
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