Photoshop Battle: Corgi

Ever wanted to see a corgi shoot a laser out of its cute little mouth or fight Yoda in a lightsaber duel? Well now you can! Reddit has outdone themselves this time.

Within Reddit is a section called r/photoshopbattles where users post pictures with the challenge of concocting the most ridiculous photo edits for the pleasure of the internet.

Here are the best corgi edits from this particular thread!

“The new king is born!”
“Tennis? How about ‘catch’ instead?”
Two for one.
The world needs this.
The world isn’t ready for this.
“Dog Wars: Episode X:The Corgi Awakens”
PTSD incoming.
Needs more Star Wars.
“Be a sport and catch that, would you?”
Things are getting kind of abstract.
They’re not making space ships like they used to...
Laying down those sick beats.
Yeah... we’re done here.


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Photoshop Battle: Corgi
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