Olan Rogers Is a Storytelling Genius

Olan Rogers has been active on YouTube for at least 8 years. He used to be part of a silly channel named Balloon Shop, but has since gone on to start a channel under his own name. He does hilarious skits with his friends, but is mostly known for his long storytelling videos. It’s not clear how much of the stories he makes up, but what is clear is that they’re funnier than a farting fawn on funshrooms.

Want to hear about his bout of psychological warfare with the “Douche Canoe”? How about when he ate chili peppers as hot as “Sauron’s tears”? What about the time he freaked out a guy sitting on the toilet? If you desire these things, you’ve landed in the right place. Oh yes.

If you only have time for one video (bookmark this page if you can’t watch them all now), I would recommend going with “Echoes through the Wall.” Enjoy.

The Bad Apple

Ghost in the Stalls [Olan’s most famous video]

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Olan Rogers Is a Storytelling Genius
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