9 Delicious Looking Food Furniture Items to Add Charm to Any Space

Tired of sterile modern decor? Check out this list of novel food inspired creations that go against what societies would consider normal furniture.

9. Hamburger Bed

The hamburger bed is so popular it has become an internet meme. It even has it’s own website and reportedly has a following of Facebook fans.

Hamburger Bed

8. Bacon Armchair

This one is a stretch because it’s just wood that happens to look sort of like bacon. However, no ridiculous food list is complete without some bacon. Get this bacon like chair for $850 dollars.

Bacon Like Armchair

7. Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

Sit on something cool with this fun ice cream themed bench. $950

Ice Cream Sandwich Bench

6. Dream Sweet Dough Nut Dog Bed

I couldn’t find where this is actually sold but apparently it is available somewhere.

doughnut food themed dog bed

5. Kids Strawberry Sofa

Made in Australia, the strawberry couch is perfect for toddlers. They are available on EBay.

Kida stawberry sofa

4. Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair

A savory handmade potato bean bag chair complete with satin butter pillow. $200

Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair

3. Pancake Pillows

Todd and Bryan’s pancake bed (and breakfast). These guys are known for their pancake bed. Unfortunately, it’s unclear if they are still being sold or not.

Pancake pillows

2. Pizza Sleeping Bag

Is your sofa lacking flavor? Maybe the pizza sleeping bag could be draped over it for an interesting conversation piece. Mushroom and pepperoni pillows sold separately. $200

Pizza Sleeping Bag

1. Fried Egg Rug by Valentina Audrito

This one of kind rug looks amazing and comfortable. Just imagine, you could lay down sunny side up while resting on a yolk.

Egg Rug

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9 Delicious Looking Food Furniture Items to Add Charm to Any Space
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