Trump's Bald Spot Revealed

Described by Vogue as Trump’s kryptonite, his hair has been a constant mystery. There are so many questions surrounding the sometimes strange look to his mop. Is it combover? Are those extensions?

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On Feb. 2nd as he entered Air Force One, a small gust revealed a bald spot unlike any Trump hair memes before. Late night show host Jimmy Kimmel reignited the morbid fascination with Trump’s hair during a bit filled with jokes trying to explain the look.

Here is sumary of the jokes from various sources.

“His hair tried to fly to Mar-a-Lago on its own. Now the red hats make sense!” said Kimmel

“Like the Behind of an Ostrich” a Stylist said evaluating Trump’s Windblown Hair

“It’s a bad weave,” one hair stylist remarked

“Someone did not glue that down tight enough,” another said.

“It’s that monster from The Goonies.”

“And you thought CNN was giving you bad coverage,” said Seth Meyers

”It’s like a mullet, except nobody showed up to the party in the back,” he added

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Trump's Bald Spot Revealed
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