Thank you for your interest in advertising with Gloom Wire. We have a few ways to reach our audience. If you want us to write about your product, send us a message.

We have three Adsense ads placed on most pages on the site. The site uses various ad sizes from 300x250 to 160x600. Advertisers can use text, image, and rich media ads. Ad space can be bought through Google Adwords.

How to buy ad space on Gloom Wire through Adwords? If you have used Adwords before, the process is mostly straight forward. For a quick guide, follow the instructions below.

Login to your Google Adwords account. Then create a new campaign or select an existing one. Note, the campaign will need the Display Network type to reach websites. Complete the campaign information.

On the next step, complete the information to make an ad group. Under the Choose how to target your ads section, select use a different targeting method. Then select placements from the dropdown menu.

In the placement dialog that appears, type and add the site to the targeted placements. You can further target by interests and other targeting options.

The last step is creating a text or image ad and finishing up. That’s all there is to it. If you can’t find in the targeting, you may need to call the Adwords people. Otherwise, please reach out to me and I will help. Adwords is always changing so this information may become outdated or change slightly.